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Welcome to the official website of Five Bulls Travel and Tours. We are the architects of satisfactory travel and tour. See the beauty that is our land, and experience the pinacle of all existance, sight of all things nice

Our Mission is to to Continuosly exceed our clients' expectations by providing an affordable, timeously, reliable and excellent world travel services and holiday options through continous feedback from clients.

You can choose to explore Harare, surrounding safari places or a gateway to the World’s Wonder, Victoria Falls or the World Heritage site of Great Zimbabwe. Other tours available on request

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Take a tour around the fountains of beauty that surround us!

Victoria Falls:(1 night) $260

Great Zimbabwe Day Tour: $250

Mwanga ( 1 Night): $230

Bushmen Caves and Paintings $80

Recent Events

  • Kuimbashiri Gardens & Snake World Tour
    Young pupils got a worthy lifetime chance to visit the Kuimbashiri Gardens and take a tour of snake world facility. It was a wonderful educational expeprience for the young boys and girls of Illionda Primary School. The beautiful and calm scenery made for easy learning, in a stable environment, full of nature
    Posted Month 12, 2013 by Five Bulls

  • Great Zimbabwe Tour
    As a reward for their stellar effort, Bintrek Investments took their employees for a full tour of the Great Zimbabwe ruins. The centre of the nation. They enjoyed themselves.

    Posted Month 4, 2013 by Five Bulls